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Our South Texas Pet Food .

Offering the best for your pet

Lets make this straight forward like the seasons nature brings. Other companies say they also give fresh meat, but who is to say that it is not second hand meat and it was never injected with various hormones like most of the meat we buy for ourselves. Just because the FDA approves something for us doesn’t mean it is necessarily something we should eat. Where do the other dog and cat food companies procure their beef, turkey, chicken, lamb, fish or pork from?

Our wild pork thrives upon our sprawling, privately owned South Texas lands. It is harvested upon order. It is cooked, vacuum sealed , and frozen the same day. First thing the following morning we send it off straight to your doorstep.

Providing personalized order

We provide personal orders to owners of highly active dogs

We select our products based on nutritional content, customer feedback, requests and our expert knowledge.

Dog Food

If your dog is in competitive sports, or show or just extremely active, we have just what they need.

Pure Food

Extremely active animals need a little extra boost in their nutrition.

Pet Health

Even the everyday dog deserves the best food.

Pet Food

Don’t forget that cats love our fresh pork also.

We love your pet!

We specialize in Dog Food

Wild Fed K9 started because of dog owners who were deceived by “pure” dog foods and “top of the line kibbles” that are not what they stated. After feeding our dogs different “good” foods and realizing we had the land and the wild animals for our dogs to thrive, Wild Fed K9 was born. Give your dog simple. Give your dog real. Give your dog pure. Feed your dog wild today!